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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you going to steal my account?
No! I couldn't do that even if I wanted to. Your password is encrypted before even leaving the browser; Because Styler runs outside of the browser, I can't steal anything.
Is this a virus?
Most certainly not! Some scanners may flag it, but I assure you, it is a false positive. Feel free to prove me wrong :D
Is this utility 'tolerated'?
Currently, I have recieved no answer. If you are an OGame Admin/GO/Moderator, please contact me if you need more detail or specification.
Where can I find the changelog?

=====================[v1.1] Bugfix: Garbage Collector is called every 5 seconds to ensure a low memeory footprint. Bugfix: Fixed crash (value cannot be null) New feature: Can now inject style-specific Javascript into incoming pages. New feature: When viewing the Styler site, the version of the client is displayed in-browser. =====================[v1] New feature: Can intercept files from ogame.org and replace them with local files. New feature: Can choose to run the utility from startup. New feature: Automatic style detection; Remembers style choice. New feature: Can minimize to tray; Double-click the icon to restore.

Technical Issues

How do I make it work?
After downloading the archive, save the files inside to a folder. Double-click the Styler icon to run Styler. After that you can download and use styles from here. I suggest visiting this site often; If there is an update, the download section will change to 'Update'.
How do I install a style?
Once you have downloaded the archive containing the style, extract the style to the 'styles' folder that is inside the Styler folder. You should have a new folder inside the 'styles' folder with the name of the style. If it doesn't work, make sure that you have not pasted the contents of the style into 'styles'.
So what does this do, exactly?
When you run Styler, it creates a virtual proxy (Think of it as a filter). This proxy monitors outgoing requests for files, and when a file from OGame is requested, Styler looks for a replacement. If the style that you're using has a replacement for the file, the outgoing request is canceled, and the replacement is sent back to the browser.
But what about Javascript?
In this case, Styler injects the code directly into an incoming page from OGame. The code is loaded from the style's "style.js" and placed just underneath the "body" tag in the page, allowing styles to implement interactive features!
But I use a proxy normally, won't this mess it up?
You shouldn't be, unless you're behind a school/college/company proxy. But in the rare cases of this, the original proxy is reset on exit. In case of a crash (Which should never happen), you may need to reset your proxy yourself. If you cannot connect to any internet page whilst using this utility, then your internet connection is not compatible with Styler, sorry.
How does this site know that I'm using Styler?
As well as monitoring for OGame connections, my utility monitiors for connections to this site, and injects a small piece of code into your browser that displays your current version. This is completely client-side, meaning that my server knows nothing of it.
You said 'Using this makes OGame faster!'. How?
Because files (When not using Styler) are downloaded from the net, OGame can take a long time to load even on decent connections. A style's files are all local, meaning that the 'download' time is almost 0. because of this, the more files a style replaces, the faster OGame will load! (Not counting rendering time)


How do you make a Style?
Styles are very easily made. To get started, open the 'styles' folder (Where you saved Styler), and create a new folder with the name of your style. You can then begin to replace images and CSS with your own. The structure of a style is explained in 'Where do I put my replacements?'
Where do I put my replacements?
First, you need a copy of the file that you are going to replace, and the URL of that file. Your URL will look like 'http://uni13.ogame.org/somefolder/somefile.png'. If you remove the domain part of the URL, you are left with this: '/somefolder/somefile.png'. You then need to go into your style's folder and reflect this structure. So for my example, I would need to place my replacement in '/mystyle/somefolder/' with the name 'somefile.png'. Styler will pick this up automatically and will begin to replace files.
How do I get OGame's files?
Well, you can either view the source of the page, find the CSS/Image urls from there, or you can use an addon like Firebug (If you're using Firefox). Chrome has Firebug built in. Simply right-click the image you want, and click inspect element. Normally you can simply find it there. If you need any help grabbing CSS/Images off the OGame servers, send me an email and I'll help you out!
How can I embed javascript into my style?
Create a file in the root of your style's folder ('Styler/styles/mystyle/') with the name 'style.js'. This file will be injected into all OGame pages (Even the login page etc), and placed just after the <body> tag. If this is not a good place, let me know and I will make a way to change that.
But what if I want to make extra content?
One really neat side-effect of having Styler intercept the requests before they even leave your computer is that we can even 'replace' files that don't exist on the OGame servers. So, you can create a folder inside your style with an obscure name (So that you don't replace anything accidentally), and place your new content there. You then reference it using the URL "http://ogame.org/myobscurefoldername/". Styler will then 'replace' the requests with your new files.


What's with the 'Disable FX' button?
If you don't already know, I use a netbook. Which means it's very slow when it comes to graphically-intensive stuff, making this website a little sluggish for me. I like to make sure my websites are fast for everyone, so I like to include features such as allowing users to disable all special effects on the page.
Why is everything so shiny?
It means you're using a modern browser, and for that, I thank you. I abused CSS3 so much while making this site, and I thoroughly enjoyed making it. If you're interested in seeing the specifics on how I did certain stuff, be sure to send me an email and I'll be happy to help.
Why is this site so fast?!
There's a grand total of 4 images on each page. Excluding screenshots. 'Nuff said.

Got a question that I failed to answer?

Feel free to send me an email with your question, and I will do my best to answer it. You can find my email address on the 'About' page.