Disable FX


The Utility

I wrote this utility after attempting to change my OGame appearance to a more minimal one, to fit on my little netbook screen. Originally you had to set the utility up manually, making it quite difficult to use. I then realised that if I simplified this, I could allow anyone to customise the look of their OGame. A few days later, and presto! It's writtin in C#, and makes use of 'FiddlerCore4'.

The Website

Everything you see on this site (Aside from some styles/screenshots) was created by me :). I made heavy use of CSS3 all over the site, for pretty much everything. If you exclude the screenshots and styles, you'll notice that there are only 4 images on the entire site! I also decided to follow HTML5 standards.

The Author

I'm Steffan James, and I created this little utility. It uses an awesome library called 'FiddlerCore4' that allowed me to create the proxy needed. I write code in C# mainly, with a rather large smattering of HTML, CSS and PHP. At times I even write Javascript, but I'm not nearly as comfortable with Javascript as I am C# or HTML. I also do graphics work, and I can create logos, templates, and more. If you're interested in talking to me, feel free to contact me via email or Twitter :)


If you would like to donate a little to help me develop applications and software, please contact me.


Email: ruirize@ruirize.co.uk
Twitter: @ruirize
Website: ruirize.co.uk