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Styler allows you to completely change the look and feel of your OGame, no matter which browser.

Ever miss skins from the old universes?

Because Styler intercepts browser requests and replaces them with new, custom files, you can enjoy skinning once again. There is no limit to what this utlity can do. You can replace CSS, images and even embed javascript into any page, and it will always work, completely independent of the browser. Styles are easy to install and share, all you need to do is download the style, drop it in your styles folder, select it in the menu, and there you are, a great custom OGame experience!

Totally free, forever!

OGame Styler will always be free for anyone to use. Always. However, because developing this utility eats into a lot of my free time, donations are really appreciated.

It's faster than using other utilities!

Other utilities will take a while to work or apply their effects to the page, whereas this is instant. Furthermore, the more a style changes, the faster the page will load, improving your game.

Works on ALL OGame.org 'Redesign' universes!

Fully compatible with any and all ogame.org universes, with planned support for other servers! Feel free to send me an email if you want a server supported! Once more servers are submitted and supported, I will start a list of them on the FAQ page!

Fully browser-independent!

Ever mourn the lack of OGame addons for your browser? Styler is completely browser-independent, allowing you to use your favorite browser to play OGame whilst still enabling you to customise your game how you want it.

Where can I get it?

If you look to the sidebar on the left, you'll see some download links where you can download the utility itself. I currently upload to a few sites, my personal favorites being Mediafire and Kiwi6. If you would like the utility uploaded to a new host, contact me about it!