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LÍVE Hints
2015-07-24 LÍVE Hints LÍVE Hints for! This extension provides code hinting for Love2D, the fantastic game engine that's open source, and multi-platform.
Time 2 Travel
2015-07-02 Time 2 Travel A Pebble real-time tram & bus tracker for public transport in Melbourne!
2015-04-19 THUMP My Ludum Dare 32 entry! Featuring full cross-platform play, THUMP is a meaty arcade game made in 48 hours.
2014-12-07 Nanaina A Ludum Dare 31 entry: Explore the shifting dungeon of Nanaina to try and discover fire - if you don't get lost, that is.
A Pebble Western
2014-08-17 A Pebble Western A reaction game for the Pebble smartwatch!
Rainbow Jam Blog
2014-06-04 Rainbow Jam Blog Tumblr integration for! Supports all features of the tumblr platform, with the same responsive design.
2014-05-08 Bubls A small HTML5 experiment for gradients and physics. Looks a bit like the Windows 7 'Bubbles' screensaver.
Leonardo DiFlaprio
2014-03-07 Leonardo DiFlaprio A cross-platform HTML5 game made over the course of four days.
Resistor Calculator
2014-01-14 Resistor Calculator A small calculator made for my Systems & Control class - supports many browsers including most mobiles.
Rainbow Jam
2013-05-21 Rainbow Jam A webcomic with a custom-built gallery system and responsive design!
2013-01-29 Nyans Another HTML5 experiment making use of image filtering. The HTML5 audio element was also used.
2012-10-14 WhichReddit? A web game made over the course of 2 hours for a redditor.
[icemod] Community
2012-09-01 [icemod] Community Steam Status integration for PHPBB3. This integration allows the live status of their members to be displayed alongside their forum posts.
Young Rewired State 2012
2012-08-12 Young Rewired State 2012 A week-long hack event for 18s and under. This is my presentation.
Party Visualiser
2012-07-07 Party Visualiser A web-controllable music player with kick-ass visuals.
2012-07-07 osu!visualiser A visualizer that parses beatmaps from 'osu!' to make an accurate beat-sensitive visual.
'TrackGame' Demo
2012-05-17 'TrackGame' Demo This simple 2D game was created over the course of a single hour as part of a challenge.
Applied ICT eBook
2012-03-14 Applied ICT eBook An eBook about how the Internet has affected our lives. It achieved an A grade.
2011-08-16 Styler A website and application that allowed you to restyle an online game through the use of a virtual proxy.